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creative development
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MRC researches across sectors for
material and technology solutions
enhancing the development of
innovative & sustainable products.

No matter if it is packaging, consumer electronics, sporting
goods, furniture or automotive - innovative materials change
products and markets. When an idea forms a product,
the choice of appropriate materials is a decisive factor for
profitability, quality and design.

The company’s core focal point is individual material and
technology research
(open innovation) and the overall
project management
alongside the product development
phase till serial production.

Besides a unique materials and technology experience
across various industries, MRC also has contextual
understanding for the integration of sustainability aspects
into product development.

Tailor-made workshops, lectures and special exhibitions
serve organisations as sources of inspiration and information
for the use of innovative and sustainable materials and

Karsten Bleymehl
Piusstraße 46
50823 Köln

T +49 221 169 240 95
F +49 221 169 240 96


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